GTA 5 released approximately 5 years ago but its android version is what fans are still waiting for and we are not even sure that it will release or not. Anyways, GTA 5 is still not on android but there are some games that are almost like GTA 5. Some of these Android games like GTA 5 are way more cooler in some conditions than the original GTA 5 and have some great features to offer.

Surely, these games are a must try. Who knows, you might fall in love with one??So, the list follows…..

Best android games like GTA 5

1. GTA San Andreas

Surely there is no one who didn’t know this name. It was one of my best and ever remembering childhood memory. The android version of this game is no less than the original one.
YES, I got the same experience while playing android version as of the original one. And there is no reason that this game should not be in this list of best android games like GTA 5 cause it brings the similar open world experience like GTA 5.

2. Madout Open City 2

If you love driving cars while smashing people or whatsoever in GTA 5 then you will love this game. This game offers around more than 35 cars and has a very improved physics. Graphics are pretty good and features so many racing event (around 50) that i never imagine an android open world game. But the nice part is that you can play online with other players.

One thing about this game is that it contains a bit more ads than any other in this list. But great features and graphics sums it up.

3. Los Angeles Crime

More like GTA 4 than GTA 5 but the number of customizable options the game provides is way lot more than any other. Graphics may not be the best among the list. You can play Deathmatch with friends and that i sometime enjoyed playing with friends.

You spend most of the time in your car going around ramps and stuff. I like the shooting experience this game offers. Bit of an addictive game but you definitely love some of its features probably the whole game based on your preferences.

4. Gangster new Orleans

Featuring the city of new orleans and packed with great action animations this game really does extends the possibilities of how cool a open world game on android could be. If you like criminal bike/car chases usually criminal stuff then this game is made for you. I love the graphics of this game, I mean just look at that…No surprise the game counts 1.5 GB

Gameloft really did very good in this game as they do in their other games. The game is packed with lot of side missions/challenges that contain lots of shooting. Not very interesting though. But the experience of roaming around the city and enjoying the graphics while driving cars was very close to GTA 5 thats why this game belongs to our list of Best shooting games on android.

6. Crazy Miami Online

With not the best graphics and lot of ads this game is still a must try game. Because this game is an online-multiplayer powered with 3 cities and pretty well written missions and also the First-Person-Mode adds up to it.

The theme of the game is like vice city. Roam around in the desert with your bike doing stunts, mess around with peoples on the street with 40+ weapons and thats it. surely not the best game to play but its kinda close to GTA 5.