"Nexis" is the sequel to "Bodyguards".

Chapter 3: Suspicious Phone Calls and Sandwiches

Kaitlyn Jarred

“Before Nick left,” I sigh, rubbing my eyes stinging with tears, “he gave this to me. Not a proposal,” I say hurriedly after seeing Cabet frown at me. “More like a promise he would return.” I sniff, rubbing a sleeve of my new hoodie across my nose. “I haven’t been able to wear it,” I clutch it in my trembling fingers, looking up at Amanda, “but it’s still been with me.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Amanda’s face falls. “It’s not a huge deal.”
“That’s why I didn’t tell you,” I slip it on to a finger before removing it and trying another. “I also cannot stand the sight of it; it just reminds me that he’s missing.”
Before Amanda could retort, my phone vibrates and I pull it from my pocket, my heart soaring when I saw the caller.
I press answer as quickly as I can, “Nick! Are you alright? Did Nexis capture you? Where have you been?”
“I’ve been fine,” Nick’s voice cuts in and out, but I relax at the sound of his voice. “Just took a vacation, you needn’t worry.” His voice sounds choppy, but I’m too relieved to look into it.
“You didn’t call or text or email, of course I worried!” I chastise, though I remain smiling. “I miss you.”

Nickolas Parkingsons

I sit in bed, staring at the opposite wall as I try to recall more memories than those of the island. I try to remember who my parents might be. The azure-eyed girl pops up again as I think and I frown, wondering why she seems so prevalent in my memories.
“Nick,” Amelia calls softly into the room. I turn my head to watch her as she sidles into the room, a glass of water in her hand, “You need to drink fluids.”
I point to the glass beside my bed, “I have been.”
She looks conflicted, as if unsure what to do, “But this water is better.”
“I’ll drink it after I finish this glass,” I say, taking a sip of the water I know isn’t poisoned with whatever they have been injecting in me. She places it at my bedside and crawls into bed with me, wrapping her arms around my torso. I sigh and hug her back, not convinced in the slightest. Amelia pulls out her cell phone and I watch as she flips through some application. “Where’s my cell phone?” I ask, suddenly realizing my lack of a device.

“It’s charging downstairs,” Amelia mumbles as she flicks through pictures. I slip myself from underneath her and make my way towards the door.
“I going to get it,” I say. She nods, adjusting herself on the white sheets. I close the door behind me and make my way towards the kitchen, assuming this is where it is charging. As I walk in, I see Lucas hanging up a phone and my memory flickers to say this is my phone.
“Hey, what were you doing with my phone?” I try to lean against the counter as casually as I can.
Lucas laughs nervously, “Dude, this isn’t your phone.” He points to a phone plugged in to the wall on the dining room table, “that one is.”
“Oh, duh,” I roll my eyes at myself, hoping I look convincing to Lucas. “The cases are so similar.” Lucas makes an agreeing tone as I pick up my phone and go to put in my code, before realizing I haven’t put a code on my phone. I frown, my eye flicking to the phone in Lucas’ hand as he pockets it.
“Who called you?” I ask as I nonchalantly scroll through ‘my’ phone.
Lucas snorts, “An old friend. We haven’t spoken in a while, so we were just catching up.” I nod, thoroughly not convinced. He leaves the room as the rest of our friends stumble in from the beach.
“The waves are wonderful, Nick!” Michael hugs me, getting me soaking wet. I laugh as Trent and Yasmin join in. “You should come out with us after we eat!” I agree and we start making sandwiches.
“I can make my own sandwich,” I say to Michael. He had been making everyone else’s, but I am getting paranoid.
Michael waves me off and begins making my sandwich. I watch closely and don’t notice that he adds anything unusual, so I take the sandwich when it’s offered to me. I take a tentative bite and deem it acceptable. Within minutes I’ve scarfed it down and taken huge gulps of water from the tap. Amelia comes down a short time later, seemly surprised at my change of health.
A short time later, Lucas returns from wherever he runs off to and pulls the obviously worried Amelia aside. The group grows quiet as we strain our ears to hear the hushed voices of our friends. Lucas returns to the room, his eyes locked on me.
“Up,” he growls, snatching the collar of my shirt and hauling me from my seat. My eyes widen as no one tries to stop him as I’m dragged from the room.
“You’re going to ruin my shirt,” I grumble and I can feel him rolling his eyes.
“God, you’re such a spoiled brat,” Lucas snarls and releases his hold on my collar. I stumble away from him, holding on to the wall for support. He shoves me towards an open door at the end of the hall and I trip, sprawling across the floor. I suddenly get flashes of captivity, chafed wrists and aqua eyes.
“Ah, he remembers,” Lucas stands in the doorway, with Michael and Yasmin behind him.
I stand on shaky legs, “Nexis...” I hiss, backing away until my back is against the wall as memories rush into my mind. “What have you done with Kaitlyn?”
Lucas laughs as Michael and Yasmin remain silent, “Don’t you remember me, duke-y?”
“Lucas,” I shake my head, “you died.”
“Kaitlyn tried to tell you I wasn’t though, didn’t she?” He steps forward with a pistol in one hand and handcuffs in another. “Luckily, though, in a few hours you once again won’t remember her or this conversation.”
I try to rush past him but Yasmin and Michael block my path, their faces stern. Yasmin flipped me on to the ground, with strength that knocked my breath from my body. As I gasp, Yasmin snaps the cuffs to my wrists. Lucas kicks my stomach to flip me on to my back. My shoulders scream in pain as my arms contort under my body. I struggle but both Yasmin and Michael hold me as Lucas shoves up my sleeve.
A needle is injected into my arm and for a moment everything stops.
Then instantly snaps to black.

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