Sabrina Spellman

nails image blonde, girl, and hairstyle image skin, aesthetic, and white image girl, grunge, and pale image autumn image red image


boy, caos, and couple image Inspiring Image on We Heart It boy, caos, and couple image Temporarily removed hands, dirty, and aesthetic image love, couple, and autumn image

Rosalind "Roz" Walker

grunge, eyes, and pale image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image book, library, and reading image big hair, natural hair, and pretty hair image beautiful, black, and black hair image author, blue, and toni morrison image

Theo Putnam

acceptance, pride, and support image lachlan watson and susie putnam image orlando and virginia woolf image aesthetic, brunette, and people image cowboy and horses image converse, shoes, and alternative image

Hilda and Zelda Spellman

fashion, fur, and coat image drew barrymore, timothy oliphant, and santa clarita diet image veronica lake and hollywood image spider, water, and photography image book, green, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

Ambrose Spellman

boy, handsome, and Hot image gay and interracial image eye, aesthetic, and eyes image rain, car, and boy image dark academia image Image by QueenNeso

Madam Satan

lips, makeup, and beauty image pizza, food, and red image satan, grunge, and black image red, girl, and hair image crow, bird, and black image cross, hipster, and gif image

The Weird Sisters

hair, braid, and grunge image Temporarily removed details, interior, and silver image hair, braid, and redhead image Devil, evil, and funny image hair and blonde image