Girl Boss (Urban Dictionary): A woman in control, taking charge of her own circumstances in work & life. Someone who knows her worth and won't accept anything less. She is not a "mean girl" in fact, she hates "mean girls." She is empowering and inspiring to those around her. She kicks ass!

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Set your mind to something

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What do you want to accomplish? What are you willing to do to get there? Are you trying to get in shape? Create your own business? Buy your dream car? Visualize what you want, see it in your mind and believe it's yours. Imagine your dream life and start to live it.

Make a routine that fits

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Once you have set your mind on a goal, make a routine that fits. Does your goal require you to wake up early? Do you have other priorities in your life that you need to adjust or work around? Make a list of those things and stick to good habits.

Read, expand your mind

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Take time to read inspiring books or educate yourself around the world. Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso and You are a Badass by Jen Sincero are amazing books that will change your life.

Keep an open mind

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Just because a plan doesn't turn out exactly the way you expected, there's always a reason for it. Have an open mind about life. Explore your surrounding and get out. Listen to others around you and their stories or ideas. Take every moment as a chance to grow and a chance to get inspired.

Take time for yourself

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It's okay to say no to going out. It's okay to spend time alone, to recharge and center yourself. Take a bath, treat yourself to a nice dinner, get your nails done... Love yourself.

Know your limit

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You must know yourself to grow. Know your boundaries and your limit. Know your strengths and weaknesses and adjust. Know how much money to spend and save, know how much alcohol you can handle and know how to be the right voice in your head.

Change it up

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Change your scenery. Having the same routine can be boring so change it up. Rearrange your bedroom, make a new meal, try a new restaurant, or explore a new city. Change your view.

Stay organized

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Get rid of clothes and clutter, organize your bills, keep a money log, get organized! The more clutter you have, the harder it is to stay focused and motivated. Maybe get a planner if you need to remember events or a journal to write out your thoughts.

Focus on your health

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You are what's most important so make sure you're taking care of yourself. Maybe make dinner at home instead of ordering take out, or go for a walk when you're feeling stressed. Take care of yourself.


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Make sure your mental health is good. Meditation doesn't always mean sitting crosslegged and closing your eyes. It's an escape, a way to clear your mind and reflect on how far you've come. Find your escape. Come to peace with yourself and love yourself.

Surround yourself with positive vibes

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This includes people you surround yourself with, the shows you watch or the music you listen to. Everything you do and fill your mind with should be healthy and positive to you.

Stand on your own

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Don't rely on others for your happiness. Don't isolate yourself from others, but keep a balance between your social life an personal life. Learn to be okay with yourself when you're alone. Don't rely on people for company and comfort. Know how to pick yourself up and be your own hero.
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You are a Badass