Hey everybody!!
How ya doing? I'm so much better, still stressed and depressed, but so much better.

So, here's a update of my life:
Love: I like my best friend's crush, but she doesn't know. She had an opportunity with him (when I still didn't like him) but she missed it and now I think it's my turn, because I'm 95% sure he likes me too, but, to be honest, although most times idc so much about people's feelings, this time i do, bc my friend is very innocent and kind and I don't want to hurt her feelings :(
As for the girl I told you about the last vlog, Emma, I don't like her that much anymore, just a lil, but I think she likes me fr.
And, 2 of my friends like me (the bad thing is I don't like them and one of those guys is my friend's crush, but I don't care about her (i actually kinda hate her, but that's other topic), so maybe I'll tell her that her crush likes me, hahah).
Omg, I'm an unfeeling bitch, sorry guys.

Friends: I'm still with my squad, there are 5 of us and I guess fortunately I'm the leader, I keep them all together, have you seen PLL? I'm like the Ally of the group (it's funny bc it's true and Ally is my name lol) except that I'm not going to disappear or anything hahah. I will tell you a little about each of them (I will use the name of the PLL girls to keep it interesting).
Hannah: I love her, she's 2 years older and I trust her the most, we call each other "wife" but there's no romantic connection between us. Sometimes I get a little sick of her, bc she tries to steal attention, but I can't get mad at her... I think... Not for now.
Emily: Although I chose this name for her we don't have anything romantic between us, she's not even part of the LGBT community, but her personalities are similar. She's very cute and adorable, very innocent, she's the friend I told you I like her crush, but hey, you can't blame me, if you saw him, you'd understand me.
Spencer: Oh well, she's the smart one (in an academic sense) of the group, that doesn't mean I'm not smart, in fact I have a very high IQ. She's low-key a bitch, she likes all the boys in the classroom, including my new crush (which is Emily's crush too), but she tries to hide it because her parents have taught her to be decent or something like that.
Aria: The worst for the end. Aria is one of my favorite characters of the show and I'm so sorry to have to use her name for the girl that I hardly tolerate, but anyways, nvm. She shares with Aria that she is in love with her piano teacher. That's where the similarity ends. She's not pretty at all and EVERYONE hates her, we... Well, Hannah and Spencer are the only ones who tolerate her, they only tolerate her, because they actually don't like her that much, as for Emily and me, we hate her, but she's our DUFF* so we need her, but she needs us more, so if one day she does something to me, in a second I can roast her.
She is a whore, well, try to be a whore because even though she flirts with everybody, nobody listens to her. Besides, she is very gossipy. Y'all would hate her if u knew her. The worst thing is that I share the theater class and cheerleaders with her (I don't know how she got in, but this gal is on the background or the base, so it's not important).

*DUFF stands for "Designated Ugly Fat Friend"

School: My grades are very bad, worse than I imagined, I failed more than half of my classes. I don't really want to talk about it.
Lately I'd rather be at school than at home.
In cheerleading I'm doing great, the captain chose me to go to college games, that's a competition when the best of the best goes! And I almost got my cheerleading uniform, yay.
Obviously I will upload a photo to my Instagram, I would love to give u my Instagram so u can go there and give it love, but I prefer to stay in anonymity.

Home: Everything remains the same, very stressful

Family: My parents fight all the time, my brother and sister are in their worlds and so do I.

Extra activities: None at the moment, more than rereading my books and listening to music or dancing. I want to get into singing or dance classes but my mom don't want bc I get lazy and don't go after some months. BUT I SWEAR I'LL GOOOOO :(

Mental problems: I'm already going to the psychologist at last, well, I've only had one session, but it's a good thing.
My depression hasn't attacked since the last time and my anxiety has, as long as I get stressed or at night when I start to overthink things.

Self care: It's been a long time since I took care of myself, I already have my personal care list for November!

I'll share my self care list later!!

That's all the tea my friendssss!
xoxo, Ally