Hey Babes!

Hopefully my life is gonna slow down this week and I can get back to posting these everyday! How is everyone doing this fine Sunday evening? I hope that y'all are doing well!

Day 14; Describe your style

lol what style?

Okay no I'm kidding, I do have some style.

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I'm a sucker for my lulu lemon leggings, I always have a nice pair of leggings ready to wear at least twice a week. Gotta be comfy!
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Ripped jeans! I also always have a pair of ripped jeans, not too ripped though cause I will get cold in the winter!
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I love love LOVE hoodies! I always wear my thrasher one, however I had it before it became a popular trend.
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Tank tops and cardigans for the win!!! I wear those like, way too much!

Okay, I guess that's kinda what I like to wear so that qualifies as my style right? Right.


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