Hey guys I’m back!

Once again, my friend @sborek and I were chatting and we really loved the idea of this tag. We took inspiration from @26_WarriorW0lF and @chloeoxox but also added some of our own ideas and interests.

I made it a personal goal to make a choice for every one of these, since I feel like saying both is a cop-out.

1. Mornings OR Nights

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This one wasn’t hard. I’m a night owl and I like being awake when nobody else is. The silence of the night is peaceful. It can make you feel small and insignificant, but the night has always made me feel powerful.

2. Moonlight OR Candlelight

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Moonlight is bright, steady, and cleansing. If I were stuck in a dark room, I’d prefer the light of the moon rather than the flickering, unstable light of a candle. There’s something otherworldly about standing in the moonlight. It makes you feel magical.

3. Stars OR rainbows

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Stars are badass. They’re literally giant balls of fire, suspended in the inky darkness of space. Stars are a symbol of unlimited potential. We’re all made of stardust and in us, we carry that same unlimited potential. Stars are a reminder that I can be whatever I want to be.

4. Time Traveler OR Space Traveler

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Time moves on with or without us. To travel in time would be to step out of the stream and follow it in whatever direction you please. Imagine all of the experiences you could have and what you would learn.

5. Swim to Atlantis OR Climb Mount Olympus

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As much as I would love to personally deck Zeus, Atlantis would be a dream to see. I can only imagine what oceanic secret are held there. What sort of technology do they have? What creatures do they protect from human eyes? I would move to Atlantis in a heartbeat.

6. Magical forest OR Magical castle

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The magical forest holds so many secrets. You could explore for lifetimes, time doesn’t work the same there. It would be unlike anything humans know.

7. Light magic OR Dark magic

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What is light without dark? Dark magic is powerful and deadly, but not evil. It carries with it the balance in our world. There cannot be life without death or creation without destruction. Dark magic can only be wielded by those who have the most control over their own self.

8. Fire Magic OR Water Magic

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Water flows and changes and moves. It is as powerful as a storm and as peaceful as puddle. It takes many forms, each as dangerous as the last. It is temperamental and fierce, but is healing and soothing. Water take many forms; a true master can find water anywhere.

9. Earth Magic OR Air Magic

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Earth is permanent. It persists and endures. It cannot be moved. It is the strongest element. It is also the most nurturing element. Earth carries the weight of both life and death, it is a consistent source of new beginnings. Earth is not dull, it produces beauty in the tiniest details.

10. Oracle deck OR Rune stones

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Rune stones are said to come from the Norse god Odin. They are said to be more accurate than tarot or oracle decks, but are not as popular. The truth behind the matter is that it depends on who you are and what connection you form with either method of divination.

11. Archery OR Swordplay

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Death from a distance, an archer is a menace on the battlefield. Do not give an archer the high ground. You will not be able to escape the storm unleashed. A master archer is equally deadly up close. Their speed and agility is unmatched.

12. Throw lightning from your fingertips OR Have Lightning speed

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Lightning can be warm and full of life or cold and distant. It depends on the person wielding it. It is a powerful force, a concentrated form of fire magic. It is hard to control and dangerous if misused. It is rare to be hit by lightning, but don’t provoke a lightning mage.

13. Teleportation OR Telekinesis

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To travel instantaneously, with no limits, is a gift that should not be taken lightly. It is a power to not be abused. It should be used as a privilege, not as a right. It gifts you the world, everything is open to you. You live outside the physical bounds of mankind, boarders mean nothing to one who can teleport.

14. Unlimited Pixie Dust OR Wings

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The ability to fly away from everything. To leave the ground and soar, far above your troubles and fears. To travel quickly and feel free. Wings would grant you these gifts. There is no limit to what one could do with the perfect set of wings.

15. Dragon OR Alicorn

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Strong, fierce, and loyal. Dragons are protectors and destroyers. They do not rise up unprovoked, though. Dragons carry the flames of life, ancient guardians of the secrets of fire. They take pride in their collections, it is an honor to be a part of a dragon’s hoard.

16. Mermaid OR Fairy

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Playful and devious, fairies are jokers at their best and tricksters at their worst. When provoked, they can be nasty and vengeful. They are neither good nor evil, benevolent nor malicious. Be wary of what you give a fairy. A fairy always takes what is offered.

17. Dryad OR Nymph

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Daughter of the ocean, lake, river, stream, pond, puddle. Nymphs are caretakers of water. They are playful and peaceful, quick and lazy, musical and beautiful. Often hidden, but never too far away. They are sweet to listen to and beautiful to observe. They represent all the positive traits of the water element.

18. Best Friend: Werewolf or Vampire

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A loyal friend and guardian. There is the ultimate trust between a werewolf and a human, a trust that transcends form. Werewolves keep their humanity in the presence of one who cares deeply for them. They will take care of you in your time of need, physically and emotionally. Beware to those who harm the friend of a werewolf.

19. Companion: Wolf OR Horse

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Wolves are loyal, caring beasts. They care deeply for their pack and, as their companion, you are part of their pack. They are intelligent and can see beyond our human realm, acting as a spiritual guide. Wolves will die for you, standing their ground against all your enemies.

20. Fly On: Broom OR Magical creature

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There is skill in being able to harness a mythical creature to agree to fly for you. A deep, personal connection must be made. Friendship must come before flight. Once a creature allows you to fly with them, your bond is deep. Any betrayal will end this connection. It is not a gift to be taken lightly.

That’s all for this tag! Some of these were really hard, and even as I post this, I’m still hemming and hawing over my choices. It was fun though!

Let me know what you want to see next!


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