This or That Mythical

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@clemthekraken and I thought it would be fun for us to answer this together. We may have changed some things, but we hope you like it!
Inspired by:

mornings or nights

aurora borealis, landscape, and light image
nights...where light twirls through the atmosphere, shrouding the landscape below in a rainbow of color

stars or rainbows

stars, wallpaper, and art image
stars...twinkling, full of explosions – destroying and recreating all at once

moonlight or candlelight

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moonlight...renewing those who prance beneath it, allowing the light to bathe them in wonder

time traveler or space traveler

time, tree, and bosque image
time toward the future and the past, wishing to more understand the present

swim to atlantis or climb mount olympus

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climb mount olympus...taking the rightful place upon the throne surrounded by those of similar stature

live: magical forest or magical castle

Image by Blippy
magical castle...tiara sparkling, gown flowing in the breeze, beloved by all for kindness and generosity

oracle deck or rune stones

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oracle deck...hidden beneath robes of red, authentic predictions are known across the land as accurate and true

archery or swordplay

harry potter, sword, and gryffindor image
swordplay...en garde, slash, parry, thrust, lunge, and a disengagement leads to victory

fly on: broom or magical creature

horse and pegasus image
magical whipped into a smiling mouth as wing-beats snap over the sound of the air

dragon or alicorn

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dragon...breath hot as molten metal, talons sharp as fractured glass, jaw strong as a blade in combat

mermaid or fairy

fairy, fantasy, and wings image
fairy...delicate yet powerful, friendly to all living creatures, giggles at situations of seriousness

best friend: werewolf or vampire

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werewolf...stalks in the night, protective of allies and annihilator of enemies

companion animal: wolf or horse

animals, black white, and freedom image
horse...honorable, gentle yet ferocious when needed, gallops into battle without the slightest whiff of fear

dryad or nymph

Image by Kiki Sharon with nature, grounded to the earth and seducer of humans

unlimited pixie dust or wings

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wings...soaring above the clouds with sun-kissed skin and glittering feathers

light magic or dark magic

crystal, light, and nature image
light is brought forth by hands twirling as light pours into the surrounding area

throw lightning from your fingertips or have lightning speed

creative, fantasy, and girl image
lightning from fingertips...shocking as it may be, the zaps produced can paralyze a human for many hours

magic: fire or water

autumn, fire, and gif image
fire...uncontrolled power can be as dangerous as a wild dragon – quick to burn, quick to eliminate

magic: earth or air

magic image
air...on one hand, can be calm and caring, on the other, treacherous and terrifying

teleportation or telekinesis

amazing, hypnosis, and mind control image
telekinesis...for who doesn’t wish to lift the ground to the sky?

Check out @clemthekraken 's article :D

This was so hard! I want to have all the skills and all the creatures, but alas I thought it was good to give an actual 'this OR that'.

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