Hello hearters!
As school is in full swing many of us are probably sick of it already! But today I am here to offer you tips on how to survive high school.

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School Tips

ѕтep 1: Find your strengths

Every student has a strength weather it having a good memory, mathematics, creativity, writing, or sciences. Find your certain strengths and use them in your work.

Remember the 3 learning learning types are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Find which one works best for you

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ѕтep 2: Organize your work schedule

Everyday try and fit in some school work just to stay ahead of class. This benefits you for the future as well as learning to stay organized. Use spare classes to also help with your school work

ѕтep 3: Study study study

Study!! I know everyone hates it but we have to do it for good grades. Study at least a week before your dated exam to ensure yourself that you know the material. If you do not know what your doing ask questions!!

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Health Tips

During school and after school make sure to give yourself time to create a healthy routine as well.

ѕтep 1: Eat some fruits or veggies

Eat some healthy foods before reaching for junk food. Not only are they good for you but can also make you perform better as well.

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ѕтep 2: Workout 4-6 times a week

Working out during the week is scientifically proven to improve grade performances. Weather you are in a sport or doing it at home, exercise helps a ton!
Benefits are:

  • Reduced stress
  • Sharpened memory
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Boost overall happiness

ѕтep 3: Have a sleep log/routine

Learn to get off technology at least 1 hour before going to bed. Spend some other time doing other activities like reading or drawing. Get at least 8 hours of sleeping time every night to ensure your rested up for the next day.

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Skin Care Tips

Everyone gets skin problems in their life and everyone has different skin types. It all depends on your skin type and finding what works best for you.

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ѕтep 1: Drink water!!

Seriously! Water is key to getting glowing skin! Drink it as soon as you wake up in the morning as it helps you wake up feeling refreshed.

ѕтep 2: Wash your face everyday

Depending on your skin type, you may have to wash your face once or twice a day. Exfoliate, moisturize, and cleanse is key! Don"t forget to do a face mask every week as well to keep your skin fresh

ѕтep 3: Clean your personal things

Items such as your phone, pillowcases, and hands get dirty during the day. Making sure to wash your hands before touching your face or clean your phone screen for less bacteria.

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Friendship Tips

Making friends or loosing friends is definitely something everyone comes across in high school. We get through the good and the bad with our closest friends. But if you are struggling, here is how to help make some friends.

ѕтep 1 : Join clubs

Joining a few clubs in your school can definitely expand your friendships. You can meet people who have the same interests as you which is also a great conversation starter.

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ѕтep 2: Be loyal and trustworthy

In order to trust someone you have to be proving as well that you are trustworthy too. Make sure you listen to what they say as well

ѕтep 3: Plan activities

Plan a sleepover or coffee date with one of your new friends! That way you can get to know each other more than just at school

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Thanks for reading!
~Lexi B