Hello loves! Today I'm going to share a little list with you of things that make me feel happy. And of course, traveling and laying by the beach makes you feel happy, but this list is solely about the little things in life. So, if you're sad and want to feel happier or you're already happy, I hope you enjoy this article!

1. Rain dripping down the window

This one is pretty difficult to explain but I'm sure that a lot of people will get this. As much as I hate being outside when it rains, so much do I like being inside and hearing the rain tickling on my window. It makes me feel calm and it's the perfect sound to fall asleep to.
Bonus: Staring melancholically out of the window and feeling like you're in a music video

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2. Pictures of cute animals

When I'm sad I go to my 'cute animals collection' on We Heart It and these pictures immediately put a smile on my face. You can't resist a little puppy in a sweater, right? And it doesn't even have to be a cat or dog, there are hedgehogs, pandas and so many more little cutie pies!

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3. When your favorite song comes on the radio

It's always fun to put on your favorite kind of music. Especially when you can sing along with the artist and you know the lyrics by heart. But it is even better when that amazing song comes on the radio. It's like the universe gives you that little sign that you should be as positive as you can that day

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4. Random Compliments

I'm the kind of person that will immediately say it if I like something that you do/ about your hair/ outfit/... without really thinking about it. It's those random compliments that give you that extra boost of energy to get you through the day. It's so much fun to get them, but also to give them!

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5. When someone cooks your favorite meal

When I come home, I'm usually starving, and I will eat anything that looks slightly edible. But if I come home after a long they and someone cooked my favorite meal, I'm the happiest person alive. It's so amazing to know that someone put extra effort into cooking that because you like it. It can also be that little thing that fixes your day or at least make it a little bit better.

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6. Seeing someone you love laugh

Laughing is amazing. It's when you feel truly happy and positivity just rolls out of your face. But when someone that you love smiles, it's an incredibly good feeling. If it's your boyfriend, parents, sister or best friend; when they are happy you are happy to. Sharing that together just makes your day.

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This was my list of little things that make me happy. I hope I could share some happiness and positivity with you and that you all enjoyed reading it. I'll see you next time!
Lots of love, Mara

Mara Jo
Mara Jo

This article was written by @marasmolders on the We Heart It Writers Team.