Hello, so this is my selection and outfits I like for autumn-winter 2018-2019!

Hope you'll like it and will find some inspiration!


1) Combat boots

fashion, style, and shoes image aesthetic, beauty, and clothing image aesthetic, black, and coffee image

2) Winter boots with heels

shoes, fashion, and aesthetic image pink, boots, and fashion image Temporarily removed

3) Lizard boots

fashion, shoes, and boots image

4) Tigh Boots

thigh high, boots, and fashion image black, legs, and over image

5) Beige Coats

fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed fashion, style, and beauty image

6) Cosy scarves

outfit, fashion, and girl image fashion, winter, and autumn image

7) Winter hat

paris, girl, and red image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, winter, and outfit image hats image

8) Winter skirts

bag, boots, and chic image outfit, black, and skirt image fashion, gucci, and style image Temporarily removed

9) Belt

fashion, style, and sweater image fashion, style, and clothes image gs__bs image

10) Vintage jeans

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image look, street style, and ootd image fashion, jeans, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image

11) Cute haute-couture bags

fashion, style, and coffee image fashion, girl, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, bag, and style image

12) Turtleneck sweaters

fashion, autumn, and fall image fashion, sweater, and white image fashion, white, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image accessories, clothes, and clothing image

13) Hoops earrings

girl, black and white, and style image earrings, black and white, and accessories image Image removed Image by .vous`oui◦

14) Tea mug

Temporarily removed

Enjoy your fall/winter season and have fun! Cold winter won't stop us!