Hi Ya'llll, Hope you're all doing well! I know this is a bit late but we'll ignore that, a thank you!!!!! Ya anyway here's a few favorites of mine in Autumn!

Leaves - their crunch as they are stepped upon, the beautiful colours, all unique in their own way swirling through the billowing winds of autumn

november, autumn, and fall image
autumn, fall, and leaves image

Hot drinks and lazy days - you can’t beat it, snuggly socks and Jim jams spread across the sofa at peace with the world

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Sweaters - They’re the coziest things in life and feel like a giant hug whenever you’re in need, also just fall fashion in general really!

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sweater, winter, and christmas image

Books - I will forever be happy with a good book in hand! I absolutely live for it and will always be at peace in my own little world of my head when reading (the book I’m currently reading - Jojo Moyes, The girl you left behind)

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Early nights in - ok so I mean the way it gets darker earlier meaning we can have all pretty wintery sunsets and then cozy up with a film

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Chill in the air - It’s so beautiful, it’s not freezing but there is a definite chill and ‘sweater weather’

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Colours - they’re everywhere you see surrounding you with the worlds little hidden moments of beauty

pumpkin, autumn, and fall image
autumn, tree, and fall image

Smells of cinnamon, spice and all things nice - Candles, Baking, whatever, it’s gurddddddd

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autumn, fall, and candle image

Walks with my camera - A time for myself to reflect and just explore, documenting my way

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Halloween Queennnnnn - before Uni I didn’t really get the hype as much because yeah I loved dressing up but going into teen years it’s all about parties, which just isn’t me. But this Halloween was just a blast with my flatmates and me having a good time, its definitely one I will remember (cheesy chip chats and giggles at 4 am for a 7 am wake up, not my best idea but heck you only live once…)

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pumpkin, Halloween, and autumn image

Fires - No one ever has not liked a log fire... the perfect thing to just cozy up to and just watch, I will never get bored of watching those bursts of flames with a cup of tea

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friends, fire, and forest image

Bonfire night - Fireworks galore, chilled air, skies full of a blanket of darkness and stars, and a whole load of history that brings everyone together every year... it’s a definite kind of magic!!!!!

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fireworks, gif, and night image

All the little lights hung up - the fall aesthetic is my favourite aesthetic and fairy lights bring me a whole load of joy

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Sooooo, I know this is like a post everyone does and I try to be original but I like everyone else LOVES this season!!!!!!! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a bit but I’m at uni so it’s kind of expected!!!!! Anyway, I’ll try to get better at organisation (though not promising anything…) I really hope you liked this article and please send me a message of your fall faves!!!! Anyway, see ya later girlyguys,

Big Love, The Girl with the Camera X