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We live on Strawberry Hill Road. As you know, it is permanently Halloween here. Marley is very young, but she loves it here. I can tell. And I am thrilled she loves it just as much as me. The plan for today is to take a walk through town to get us some pancakes. Marley loves pumpkins, so I'll let her pumpkin pick a bit on the way.

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The best news I have to share is Sydney and Daniel are officially moving next door. Marley and I had a dance party this morning. Tomorrow they'll start moving all their furniture and belongings in. I'm hoping they give Marley a playmate soon. 😉

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The breeze blowing through our windows was even more crisp than usual. I bundled up Marley in layers so she's not freezing on our adventure. Her clothing right now enhances her cuteness. I took her hand and we were off. She picked pumpkins less than 5 minutes into our walk. She looked up at me with a pink rose and rosy cheeks from the cold. "ancakes!," she said, smiling, her baby teeth exposed. I smiled. "Pancakes it is," I replied, ordering us some to go.

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I love being a single mother. Sure, it can be challenging, but I love having a daughter. It was a blessing, not a curse.