1) If I were a shoe

80s, cortez, and forrest gump image
A sneaker

2) If I were a moment

90s, clothes, and fall image
The last light of a sunset

3) If I were a feeling

beach, indie, and sea image

4) If I were a song

Pink Floyd, dark side of the moon, and tape image

5) If I were a book

Temporarily removed

6) If I were a month of the year

art, drawing, and journaling image

7) If I were a view

adventure, alaska, and amazing image

8) If I were famous

Image removed
A fashion Designer

9) If I were a type of weather

stormy image

10) If I were an accessory

blue, fashion, and happy image
A big hat

11) If I were an item of clothing

easel, model, and steal her style image
Pretty underwears

12) If I were a drink

poison image

13) If I were a color

red, aesthetic, and lipstick image

14) If I were a moment of the day

Temporarily removed

15) If I were a quote

apple, motto, and Steve Jobs image

16) If I were an element

water and element image

17) If I were an activity

boys, Dubai, and fun image

18) If I were an emotion

girl, aesthetic, and blonde image
My dear melancholia

19) If I were an object

boy, caos, and couple image
An old polaroid

20) If I were an animal

animal, leopard, and tiger image
A cheetah

21) If I were a body part

amazing, art, and artsy image

22) If I were a date activity

stars, love, and couple image

23) If I were a TV series

Image removed
Sex and the city

24) If I were a fictional character

book, looking for alaska, and john green image
Alaska Young

25) If I were a dessert

food, fruit, and healthy image

26) If I were a flower

rose, flowers, and red image
red roses

27) If I were a scent

Image removed
Anything with vanilla, coconut or fall