To stop my sorrow
I had to let him go
And he asked me why
So I told him a lie
A lie that broke me
A lie that froze me
Yet he never bestowed me
Therefore I felt that he owed me
A debt to plot
A pledge to stop
But I felt distraught
And that I’ll never be taught
Be taught who to kiss
Be taught who to miss
And finally
Be taught who to date this
This girl who is torn
Between multiple thorns
These thorns that burn
Except never hurt in return
Is that what made her so stubborn?
Or is that what made her lose her colour?
That beautiful rainbow she made
Caused every boy to behave
Except one who she craved
Tick tock, tick tock
The time goes by
And every thought on my mind
Of that boy with those deep blue eyes
The ones that hypnotise you
The ones that enchant you
And that smile
oh how it can be quite vile
It’ll make you want to wait quite awhile
To the point where you’ll change your lifestyle
I’ve waited and waited it’s now almost hit a year.
And somehow he’s still my biggest fear
As everyday I think of him I shed a tear
When will this bitter year stop being a sphere
Going in circles and repeating myself
Coming back to what you call yourself
An introvert who stays to himself
I feel you when your stiff
It makes me want to smoke a spliff
Just so I don’t feel that as if
I’d want to jump off of a cliff
Before this gets to deep
As you might hear about this from some sheep
You could’ve had me to keep
But you didn’t want to take the leap
And this might seem cheap to you
However I’ll say it before it’s dejavú
I love you