Sounds very simple, or maybe even cliché. But Life is so many things and can so easily create chaos and panic in your mind and body. So focus on what makes you happy, that means pushing negative things and problems aside from time to time. I'm not saying forget that you have all these problems, but face them when looking for a solution and having the right mindset. You're only going to drive yourself crazy if you don't relax and push all of that aside when you're going to bed for example. There is a time and place for everything because it would be a constant chaos of everyone's life if there wasn't.

So here is what makes me happy:

Listening to music in the moment

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Dancing, singing, jumping, feeling free is all I'd do every time I hear music.


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Reading has always just been something that takes me away, preferably I read fiction, fantasy, adventure because those are the stories that have the ability to get me as far as possible from my own life.

Taking care of myself

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Like taking a good (lush) bath, painting my nails, putting on a face mask, sleeping, etc... .


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I love hearing, seeing more than my own mind, and being with people that make me laugh or understood and much more. Love sharing love, knowledge, food, laughter and so on.

There are many more, like theatre, decorating homes and parties and so on but they are more or less related with the ones above so I'll leave it to this for today.

Hope you liked it, focus on what makes you happy.

Lots of love...