_This is a venting article! It's just to vent my thoughts and feelings despite the fact that this is my first article to._

What happened to us?
A year ago we had a great time despite our mistakes and arguements... We could laugh together and talk for hours, if not in rl we did on the phone...
You had respect and were polite to my family... You never lied every word you said.

A year ago we met. We couldn't wait to see each other back then. We always stayed to long at the others' and got home late... We planned so much and didn't think it could be something we would regret once it was near...

A year ago I knew everything that played inside your head... You were afraid to tell me but always did. You told me what you did that day or week and what you had planned for the other days.

A year ago you just talked to me and didn't have any friends that you lived and were so close with as you were with me.

And then I made that mistake... I ended our relationship.
I ended it because I thought it couldn't get any worse between us.

I missed you so much that 4 months that we were apart. Of course I tried to move on, even after you told me you already had 20 dates and just met a girl you really really liked. I moved on like nothing ever had happened between us, like 'us' even never existed. But it really hurt my feelings that you found someone else, even before me. That she was a totally opposite of me.

I met someone new to. Also a total opposite of you, but it wasn't love... I had to compare everything to you, impossible of course. But I missed you like I would miss air if it wasn't there.

Then I broke up with that other person and you broke up with that girl, and you contacted me. At first I thought it was to mock me. But you told me you missed me and I told you the truth. We met again and gave it another chance.

And now 2 months later I don't know... I don't know what happened to us. I don't know if we could be happy again together. All we do is argue and fight.

You don't talk anymore... You ask everytime if I want to break up, without me talking about breaking up... It's like you're hoping on it...
Suddenly you have friends with whom you talk about our problems... I wanted you to have more friends and socialize but now you just don't socialize with me anymore. We can sit next to each other for hours and all you would do is look at your phone. The only moment we talk is when I get angry or you tell me lies and rubbish stories.

You don't respect my family anymore or the things they do for us.
You want to plan things but I'm just afraid that it will end up making me regret it because the fights we have or the fact that I don't know if us even exists anymore...

I don't know why we are like this, but I want to ask you what happened to us?