I do not know what you've done to me. All I know is that I can not stop thinking about you. I think about you constantly which is so exhausting. I can not focus on anything. I'm trying to forget you, which it's not possible.

Every time I think about you, I think of your smile and your eyes. I know I might not have said the right things to you, but I was afraid. Afraid of what would happen. I miss you, I think I love you as well. I wish I could rewind time. I wish I could tell you all the things I was so afraid of telling you.

I am so sorry, sorry for being an idiot. Sorry for not trusting you. Sorry for not giving it a chance. Sorry for ignoring it all. I am so sorry...I should have hold you, I should have told you that I really need you because now my life is falling apart. No one can make it better, except for you. Though now you are gone.

I wish I could hold you now, because I am falling apart. I know its over, but trust me you are in my head every single day. Why can't I STOP thinking about you?

Do you even care about me?