hey guys! i haven't uploaded in forever and honestly i've just had an extremely busy few weeks. but i'm back and this article is going to be about how to prepare for a successful Christmas. I'm uploading this so early into the holiday season to help you guys prepare! enjoy.

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1. save money

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save some money for gifts! even little gifts can make people's day.

2. prepare for black friday

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before you know it, it will be thanksgiving, so prepare for black friday. as we all know, stores are crazy this thanksgiving weekend, so have in mind what you want to buy, and be prepared to spend hours in the store.

3. get into the holiday spirit

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re-decorate your room & light some festive candles! maybe even listen to some Christmas music every once-in-a-while. this will get you excited for the holidays instantly!

4. plan fun events with friends & family

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what better way to start the holidays than have a party? you can host it for friends or for family, or even both.

5. start your holiday cards early

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if you send Christmas cards to family & friends, plan them out early so you don't stress right before sending them!

6. make lists for everything

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its no secret that the holidays can be a stressful time. make lists for everything you need: food, gifts, and more. this will help keep track of everything you need & make sure you don't miss anything.


thank you so much for reading! i hope you enjoyed. if you did, feel free to check out my profile & other articles ↓

mia ✦✰
mia ✦✰

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