It's hard to explain how it happened, but I found you... Or maybe you found me... Or, perhaps, we found each other.
Amongst hundreds of pictures and meaningless texts, after having survived several heartbreaks beforehand. We found each other. I saw you first. I liked that you loved animals, and studied. And that you weren't the most handsome guy ever. Because I didn't want the most handsome one. I wanted the one with the warmest heart, the kindest and the most compassionate one. And I found.

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You were on vocation from abroad. I knew what it meant, if we were to get serious. A long distance relationship. But at that moment, it didn't matter. It didn't matter to any of us, as it seemed, since you asked for my number half an hour after we first texted, so we could chat on What'sApp. For as long as we talked, the smile didn't fade from my face.

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The first evening, you said you'd played board games at a friend's house, and we found out both liked Alias. So, we started playing that over text. Three days in a row, you'd text me first, wish me beutiful day, and we would frequetly chat throughout the day as well. In the evenings, we played Alias.
The second evening, we wrote a poem together. Just giving each other words that we should use, to make rhiming lines. The poem was about love.

The third day, after a long while of talking, I asked you if you wanted to meet next weekend, as I was moving to uni, and it was close to where you were staying at that moment.

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Your response was that of someone sad and heartbroken....You said every cell in your body wanted to meet me, and confess your feelings...But you were to leave in two days....You said it was cruel....
And then...I realized... That for the first time in my life, I had someone, who liked me. Not because I got good grades and they could use my notes. Not because of what I looked like. I had someone, who liked me, for who I was.
I told you that we can meet next summer, if you'd come. That I won't disappear anywhere. And then I asked you, just to be completely sure that I'm not dreaming, or creating illusions for myself, I asked if you liked me. And you did.

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You made me so happy.... For every day of us being together, I didn't feel anything, but happy and loved. We talked about evertyhing. You told me about your studies, your friends, your cats that you loved.
I told you about my writing, my family, my home country, showed you my drawings, that you always admired so much.... Even after you went home, I didn't feel like anything had changed. Until that one day.