Hello my little monkeys!
First off, I hope you are doing okay, your skin is clear, your marks are high, your wallet is full and the nutella jar is full too. <3
It's been a while, but I'm back! I have lots of new articles in store but anyway I post and heart everyday so be sure to be tuned.
But let's drive right in!
When you read that these hacks will change your life, I really really really meant it. Since I've discovered them my life is much more easier and I hope yours will become easier too!


Dry shampoo is your best friend

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especially if you do have greasy hair, apply it on your hair and WHOOP you get clean hair

Baby powder is just as fine

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OMG, this is really a hack that can save your life if your hair gets greasy or dirty fast. Sometimes I forget to buy dry shampoo and, let's face it, everyone got baby powder at home. Apply it on your hair, but be careful if you have dark hair to do not let any whiter stain

Vinegar is Amazing

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After you have done your shampoo, rinse with apple cider vinegar. Your hair will be shiny and clean.

Braids>>>overnight>>>>natural waves

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I know this is cliché but if you do want waves use this method, cause you all know that heat damages hair. Tip: your braids needs to be tight!


Castor oil

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I am sure you've seen this hundred times online but I'm here to tell you that it works. Apply a few drops on your eyelashes every night. You'll see results after some weeks.

Curl your eyelashes

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If you don't already do it, begin NOW. It totally changes your look.


Argan oil

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It's a perfect and natural moisurizer

Baking soda mask

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It is AMAZING. It removes all the dead skin and stuff. Just moisturize after that


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It's Amazing to dry pimples and remove acne

Aloe vera

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Another Amazing moisturizer and good friend for who is struggling with acne (alias every teenager)

Moisturizer. Always

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Especially after a long day, after shower, after you wash your face.



Donkey kicks and hydrants WORK MAGIC

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I mean, forget for a sec your squats; with effort and these exercises you will see results soon.

That's all! Thank you for your time and the love you guys are showing following me and hearting<3 If you want to talk, you know where to find me! Thank you,
take care, Ems