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today i wanna share my tips for getting clear skin:)

i'm 15 years old, and life can be so so stressful. i'm at the age where hormones are all over the place & my face breaks out so easily! it's something i've always known is bad but it's not until recently where i've found it embarrassing. it's normal to feel embarrassed about acne as the stereotypical "beautiful" person would not have acne... well that's just great for us lol! here are my top tips to decrease acne! followed my pics of people with super clear skin for inspo hahaha


this is huuuuuuuge! i cannot stress this enough! ever since i saw my doctor it has cleared up like crazy within weeks & i saw changes within days. i was given a special cream & tablets to take everyday to control it and it worked like a charm. however i feel like after a while my skin relies on the medication and it goes mad when i come off of it (that sucks). so read the rest of this article to find out how to control it in many other ways.

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this is a bad habit of mine, but there is so much bacteria on our hands that it spreads onto our face and causes a breakout. i don't personally have one but i have seen many youtubers claim that the "vanity planet" cleansing system is incredible. i do really see this working & would love to try it at some point! unfortunately this will drain your bank account. if you find this habit hard to break, make sure to wash your hands more often!

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avoid caffeinated drinks, sodas & alcohol. these can all influence a breakout, so try to stick with water then have one of those occasionally. water will flush out toxins and has been proved to keep your skin smooth and young.

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by slightly reducing your dairy intake your acne can be decreased:) simple things like having almond milk with your breakfast instead of cows milk and switching your yogurt to alpro. you'll not only be helping yourself, you'll also be helping the planet!

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it's called "beauty" sleep for a reason! if you sleep for a good time every night then you'll instantly have younger, smoother looking skin & you'll look more energized and awake! an extra tip is to sleep on satin pillows as satin doesn't build up bacteria.

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i always wash my face when: i get home from somewhere, before i go to sleep and when i wake up. no dirt on your face means no acne!

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i usually use a face mask 3 times a week. there are so many different face masks, just find the ones that you think will benefit your skin!

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i drink one cup of green tea everyday and according to research makes your skin smoother:) this is also the healthiest beverage in the world, benefiting many parts of your body.

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pretty obvious! for smoother skin u need to find the right moisturizer and use it often.

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i like to meditate to keep my stress levels down and focus on schoolwork a couple of days before it's due in so that i'm not suddenly stressing about it. just learn to be carefree about life and know that whatever's happening probably won't kill you and probably isn't that important lol. if you worry about something before it happens aren't you stressing twice?

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keep the dead skin cells off of your face by exfoliating. i recommend exfoliating twice a week MAXIMUM. anymore than that can be really harsh to your skin and give negative effects. this tip reduces wrinkles too! i'd exfoliating with a warm wash cloth, going up your face in circular movements.

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lots of people wouldn't wanna shave their face, but i definitely do. it makes my skin so much smoother and applying makeup is amazing.

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let your skin breathe! make sure that you let your skin breathe for at least 3-4 days a week if you want really good skin. also make sure that you clean your makeup brushes often and throw out old makeup.

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if all fails, just learn to love it! there's nothing wrong with breaking out every now and then, it's very normal.

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