I love day trips - especially in autumn! 🍁
If you have never been to Oxford - this is a short guide how you can spend one day in this city.

English breakfast / Gingerbread latte

Breakfast vs. coffee

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English breakfast / Costa gingerbread latte

Start your day right having an english breakfast alone/ with friends or get yourself a gingerbread latte at Costa. Love it - Christmas is coming! haha🎄

University of Oxford

Enjoying the student life

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Oxford University
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University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is absolutely worth a visit - even if you aren't a student. You get kind of a "Hogwarts-feeling" there.
I'm studying in Bristol/UK and I love it- but I can imagine to study one semester in Oxford (just to get this special feeling haha)

City centre

If you have enough time you should stroll through this lovely city. There are many little shops and coffee houses in the centre where you can get some snacks or sweets - as you want to.
(forever hungry😂)

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City centre / Uni

I hope I could give you an idea of how you could spend one day in the lovely city of Oxford.

Wish you all a lovely day! xx

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