A little while ago I wrote a poem pretty close to my heart since I have seen this happening to someone whom I love very dearly, and I know I'm not the only one who experienced it. I wrote it in Dutch since that is my first language, but I tried to translate it into English as well. It is not completely the same, but I really tried my best. Here is the poem in both Dutch and English:


''I am afraid I'm gonna forget'',
you said with a shaky voice.
Afraid to not know any regret,
or who I am and what's my choice.
Afraid I won't trust you anymore,
that I won't know who you are.
And if I would still love you to the core,
like I do now, from near and afar.

''Omtrent dement''

''Ik ben bang om te vergeten,
zei je met een bewogen stem.
Bang om straks niet meer te weten.
wie ik nu eigenlijk ben.
Bang dat ik jullie niet meer vertrouw,
dat ik niemand meer herken.
En of ik nog wel van jullie houd,
zoals jullie dat zijn gewend.