fire, aesthetic, and ocean image makeup image Temporarily removed black, grunge, and rose image tattoo, grunge, and moon image Temporarily removed
H E C A T E ; moon
california, fire, and hell image blue, eyes, and makeup image actress, beautiful, and blue image fashion, outfit, and black image tattoo, heels, and shoes image girl, alternative, and blue image
L I L I T H ; demon
fire, art, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed girl, grunge, and white hair image fashion, outfit, and grunge image hipster, rib, and Tattoos image billie eilish, billie, and aesthetic image
P A N D O R E ; box
Image by Nero Atem Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fairy, french, and nymphet image tattoo, flowers, and art image beautiful, ginger, and girl image
M O R G A N E ; fairy
Temporarily removed eyes and makeup image asian, beautiful, and women image aesthetic, pants, and foot image asian, earrings, and female image asian, beautiful, and women image
Y A M A - U B A ; mountain
fire, marshmallow, and autumn image Temporarily removed actress, black and white, and girl image armor, fantasy, and warrior image back, brunette, and stars image kristen stewart, snow white, and armor image
J O A N ; voices
Image by Jarbas Jacare brown skin, girl, and makeup image big hair, curly hair, and curly girl image African, bloggers, and fashion image tattoo image big hair, curly hair, and flowers image
M A M I - W A T A ; water
candle, fire, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed lace, victorian, and hands image tattoo, planet, and grunge image isabelle adjani and la reine margot image
A G N E S ; cure
burning, flames, and fire image Temporarily removed keira knightley, smoke, and grunge image celtic, fantasy, and girl image tattoo and snake image keira knightley, pride and prejudice, and elizabeth bennet image
A D E L E ; Ashes
candle, aesthetic, and shell image hair and makeup image girl, hair, and green image mermaid, sea, and water image tattoo, waves, and ocean image piercing, girl, and aesthetic image
N E R R Y ; Mirror
rose, flowers, and aesthetic image aesthetic, aesthetics, and blue image girl, movie, and ginger and rosa image angel, wings, and white image tattoo and flowers image beautiful creatures, alice englert, and book image
P I S I N O E ; Song
beautiful, blue, and europe image eye, aesthetic, and eyes image beautiful, blood, and gif image theme, feather, and aesthetic image hand tattoo, red tattoo, and tattoo image vikings, gif, and lagertha image
L I G I E ; Lyre
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed ginger, susan bones, and kayla selene image aesthetic, bird, and black image aesthetic, arm, and flower image ginger, susan bones, and kayla selene image
L O U K I N A ; Flute
candle, flowers, and light image girl, eyes, and freckles image girl, hair, and blonde image Image by Traceyanne McCartney girl, flowers, and rose image skins, freya mavor, and actress image
L O R E L E I ; Drown
Image by Anonima VictoriaRoses Temporarily removed dreads, hair, and rasta image amazing, art, and gothic art image tattoo, snake, and aesthetic image blonde, dreads, and black image
M E D U S A ; Stone
amazing, light, and nature image gold, kim kardashian, and eye image angel, fashion, and photo shoot image dress, fashion, and black image Temporarily removed aesthetic, beauty, and models image
I S I S ; Death and Life
Temporarily removed photography, beauty, and black and white image girl, vintage, and black and white image fashion, pants, and trendy image bff, friends, and black and white image Image by Kisses From Hell
G R A E A E ; Single Eye
dance, art, and witch image eyes, peacock, and black and white image got, game of thrones, and arya stark image fashion, style, and black image tattoo, stars, and pale image blind, no one, and got image
P Y T H I A ; Oracle
Dream, dreamcatcher, and dream catcher image eye, make-up, and egyptian style image girl, hair, and beauty image feather, girl, and hipster image
henna, luna, and moon image Temporarily removed
H U Y A N A ; Shaman
light, fireworks, and night image Temporarily removed hair and green image aesthetic, fairy, and gif image back tattoo, leaves, and Tattoos image black, blonde, and blue image
V I V I A N E ; Lake