Every click of the heel made her presence known.

One step, two.

With her clear blue eyes she takes in the crowd scanning every single one of them and all of their attention on her. She was captivating, a real fox in the clothes that fit her. From her black stiletto heels that carry her trough the big room, to the red dress that hugs every curve of her body and to not forget the delicate diamond that adores her neckline kissing the softness of her skin. She was a sight to see.

You could see that sparkle in her eyes dancing with fire, a smile that could bring even the worst enemy to his knees, she was unstoppable. She was ready to take everything that she deserves and stops at nothing till she conquers the world.

Every move, every word, every gesture perfectly calculated. She has seen this people, she has been here, in the position of being encircled by them all, but things couldn't be more different then last time.

Her once curly hair stays straight now reaching her waist, the once innocent eyes are wearing the mask that hides everything that she once was, lips of pink are now red as the blood that runs through her veins, her casual style changed with an elegance that no many can achieve, the naivety long gone.

Every pore of her skin was filled with confidence and her mind was set on just one goal, to make them pay, show them who she is now, her time has come and she is far from forgiving.

They made her in who she is today, they hurt her, brought her to her knees but she rose, she rose from the ashes and is ready to bring hell.

These scars are the proof that she survived.

Every single word, heartbreak, push, slap that she received are the scars that now she's proud to have, they made her into the warrior that she is today.

She cried, crawled so many times but no one knew, just her but now she's back, she's back and every click of her heel should warn them that the storm is closer then ever and war in on the verge of beginning.

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