So, let me tell you my story.
I was in love for over 11 years.. but that was not a true kind of love.
I told myself a beautiful story, a tale about him and I believed it.
It was fake, I lived in a big lie that I created.
I met him in first grade on Halloween and I was shocked. I was sure that he is the prettiest boy I ever saw. And how years went by I started loving him more.
From 7th grade we tried to be together but we always ended up with breakup, because he where childish, so I waited years for him to grow up.
On this summer, 2018, he asked me out and my friends told me I would be a fool if I don't go, so I said yes. It was perfect, he where so gentle, and kind and sexy and felt that love again. So we started dating again.. I was in love. But that wasn't love, he didn't communicated with me, and he only wanted to have sex with me, and because I was ''blind'' I couldn't see that he's toxic and I wanted to give myself to him, for him to be my first.
But I met someone.
I met a boy with I felt so different and so good, but back to the point:
We had a fight with my false love and while I wanted to tell him this is not good for me he let me leave without saying any shit, so I did it and now I know that it wasn't love, because he didn't loved me.
But somewhere deep down I will always love him, probably because I'm a fool.