Hi everyone so today i'm going to write some tips for homework (i use these myself and they work )

1. You need to have not just a tidy desk but the whole room needs to be tidy and clean . Because a clean room can help you to work right.

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2.Put away your phone . You should totally do that because when i have my phone i spent my time on we heart it or on instagram and i lose track of time . I know that we LOVE our phones but we have to put them away .

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3.Have small breaks but remember you have to start again . Perhaps you should eat something and drink water or a juice

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chocolate helps the brain
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4.Make flash cards they are useful

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5.Use calours in your in your notes . Calours make things more attractive

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6. Concentrate.

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if you do all these i think you gonna stady with the right way and maybe quickly and have free time . :)

I hope this to be helpful !