I haven’t made any articles in a while, idk if anyone really cares about it, but I’ll only make these when or if I feel like it.

I’m putting together my June and July playlists in this article, + a summery playlist I made

full playlist (June): https://open.spotify.com/user/murvang/playlist/20Ku3V6A4OvLboykiwick8?si=7ueo5nt-SD6mR4diP9WzMw
full playlist (July): https://open.spotify.com/user/murvang/playlist/5AEovOTFEKC2jAXqRHdPD1?si=MJ5_6lw0RzGcCAX1ypqfRA
full summer playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/murvang/playlist/4SSJW08A2ZSsRU2vRmDgiG?si=jTrY-vs1RzibEV7d0VJR2A

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so I met someone – VHS collection

butterfly, aesthetic, and white image flowers, aesthetic, and theme image


could you calm my sins
and turn wine into water?

fine madeline – plums

gif image aesthetic, nature, and photography image

mind mischief – tame impala

oh, I was just so sure of everything
oh, that's what you get for dreaming aloud

pacific kiss – MILKK

Image removed Temporarily removed

dreams via memories – ceramic animal

you come around playing with my heart
you come around telling me secrets

we own the sky – M83

aesthetic, blue, and mirror image elephant, animal, and ocean image

life goes on – E^ST

temporary, transient
impermanent, fugitive

against illusions and reality – parks, squares and alleys

aesthetic, flower, and garden image aesthetic, sea, and ocean image

counting days – wild nothing

it's cold in your bed
and those flowers have long been dead

night winds – geographers

aesthetic, grunge, and pink image rose, flowers, and aesthetic image

butcher blues – kasabian

I said that, you must believe me
when I say I'm fightin' the dead

cruise – zach beaver

Image by Shan ♡ adorable, truly, and amazing image

don’t talk about you – geowulf

although I was insane
it's only me to blame

bad dream – american pets

mirror, theme, and aesthetic image heart, love, and light image

around you – free cake for every creature

stole the book about
your favorite band
by throwing it out of the
school library’s window

tipling rock – low tide love

aesthetics, bananas, and bohemian image friendship, style, and friends image

to make you feel – sunshine brothers inc.

we’re all dead
or we’re dying

say say – youngblood hawke

grunge, dark, and blurry image city, night, and building image
this song makes me feel things wow

thanks for reading!!