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Today I will be writing an article, about how you can stay motivated and maybe make your day a little easier to get through.
- Hope you enjoy

1 - Keep your room clean and organized

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I always try to have my room clean and organized. That way I don't have to get home to a messy room and worry about cleaning it. I always feel like my head is messier when my room is.

2 - Make your homework as soon as possible

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Oh, gosh.. homework! I know it can be boring, but hey, the sooner you make them, the sooner you can relax and you won't have to worry about it all the time. - Just get them done.

3 - Try to think positive

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Always just try to smile and think positive. It will help you a lot. And of course you are allowed to have bad days - we all have those. But just try to find the positive in every situation. Remember even your worst day only have 24 hours:)

4 - Work out

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I know everybody says it, but it's true. Working out does help you. It makes you happier and gives you more motivation to do the things you want to get done in your daily day + It can make you feel better about yourself, and you are gonna look even more beautiful than you already do. JUST DO IT!

5 - Eat healthier

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Okay, so who says healthy food doesn't taste good? Eating healthy just helps you, and can again make you feel better about yourself. It's not a punishment baby, it's a step closer to what you want.

6 - Spend time with your family and friends

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Spending time with family and friends can really lighten your mood and release your stress. And it's important to spend time with them, while you have them!

That's all for this article - I really hope you enjoyed it, and maybe got inspired or more motivated.

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