David was killed. He didn't follow the rules, and he was murdered. Timothee understands death. Monroe is too young to understand it. Timothee will be able to visit his dad once he gets older. He's dark like us.

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I refuse to take off my wedding ring. I will not date anyone else. I don't want anyone else. David will roam the underworld now. I can visit there, but I have to be here on earth to protect my babies most of the time.

I was enjoying my morning coffee when I thought I heard my name being shouted. "Mommy...mommy," I heard from upstairs. I ran up the steps and went into Timothee's room. He was broken out in a sweat lying on his bed. "What's wrong, sweetheart?" I asked, walking over. "I don't want to go to school today...I don't feel good," he explained. I felt his forehead. He was burning up. "Alright...I'll call you in sick. Sleep as long as you can. You need a lot of rest. Call me if you need anything," I told him. He nodded and closed his eyes.

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I went back downstairs and called his school to inform them he was ill. I know this illness. His body is adjusting to this world. His soul...or lack thereof...is adjusting. The physical body can break out in hives, fever, migraine, even seizures. I'll make sure to watch out for him. I cannot let it escalade to that point. I'll call Matilda if I have to.

I stretched, took a few deep breaths, and headed to Monroe's room. I wanted to bathe her before checking in on Timothee again. She was standing in her crib, trying to peek over. I smiled. "Good morning," I said, picking her up out of her crib. She analyzed my face. I couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking. "Time to get cleaned up," I told her, walking to the bathroom. She's afraid of the tub. I think it's because it's too large for her right now, so I bathe her in the sink we don't use. Of course she has to bring her toy in with her, otherwise she refuses to let me bathe her.

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She is adorable. I'm lucky to have her. I love Timothee, but I love having a sweet girl like Monroe too. She breaks up all the darkness.