As an autumn person I enjoy every minute of this period.

September is all about transition from summer to fall, from hot weather to a little colder, from green to colorful trees.

October brings that crisp air, crunchy leaves and amazing landscapes.

But november? When everything is almost dead, when sun is rarely available for us to enjoy it? What is all about this month?

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I think this cold, gloomy time of the year is about remembering and thinking. It is about reflecting and accepting things.

I know Thanksgiving day it is not a national holiday for my country, or a holiday at all. We don’t celebrate it, but with the risk of being judged by so-called patriots (go ahead, try your best I will stick with my opinion even if that means that I agree to borrow another foreign holiday when they borrow… none of ours ) I really think we should.

In my opinion Thanksgiving Day should be celebrated by everyone. Even if you belive in God, Buddha, Allah or anyone/anything else or you don’t belive at all in any, you should be thankful for something, someone or both.

I know that the reasons I am thankful may be the reasons you are not. I know that some of you might be thankful to the doctor that saved you mom, and others might hate him cause he did not succeed his surgery for your dad. Or that you might be thankful for your leaders but your neighbor might find them despicable. Examples are plenty, but the main idea remains the same: everyone has the right of opinion and we have to respect it. Everyone has the right to be thankful for something. Take advantage of this right, seriously now!

I could tell you a lot about this holiday, but then I will lose the essence of what I want to share with you.

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I will lose the essence of november as a whole month and resuming it just to a holiday. It is much more than that.

Yeah the 4th thursday of the month can be for giving thanks, but until that we really should think about what we have done this year. What we could have done better or different. What worked and what went wrong.

Can we be better? Do we want to be better? What was different this year? Where are we standing this year? Where we want us to be next year this time?

I know what you will say. This sounds like that thing we do on New Years Eve called resolutions. And I agree, but NYE is all about looking forward.

If you tried NYE resolutions you might find yourself with a year passed and not so much changed. Why? Because we just want to change some things that we don’t like, or things that don’t work or we want to improve them. If we want to work we need to take some time to reflect, to think, to analyze, to remember. Those are some things we need to do in order to succeed in our goals.

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So, as the leaves are on the ground, trees are naked, wind is blowing and the clouds are in their glory, cozy up with a cup of tea near to the window and take you time to remember all the things that happened this year, that changed you, that shaped you… . Remember your goals, who you are and where are you going.

Take time to get to know and enjoy yourself, to be with you and to be you. No covers, no masks. This period you have plenty of time to do it and you can find peace just before winter holidays.

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Enjoy your november, and use it to remember!

Hey guys, hope you like it and you will find it useful!

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