in this article, I will document the traditions my family will be continuing with this year and what this holiday means to me.


at my mother's house, we will most likely visit a high-school run tree shop in a field. we've purchased our tree's here every year I've been alive.

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every year my sister and I wear a Santa hat, pop in the same CD of Christmas songs as always, and decorate our tree with lights and ornaments we made when we were little.


florida weather really sucks, but there is always some days when it gets cold. in the mornings it's always around 60 degrees, which is nice, but by the afternoon it's back up to 80. which. sucks. one week last year, though, we had a few days wherein the mornings it was 29 and it was amazing, except for no one had any winter clothes to dress for the occasion. of course, by around 3 pm it was considerably warmer, around 70, but the air still felt chilly. a lot of people go to the beach in the Christmas season.

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florida tries. we still have ice skating outside, it's just a struggle to keep cold. and us Floridians jump at the chance to wear a sweater when the temperature drops even an inch below the norm.

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usually on Christmas, it's 80. it isn't too fun then.

my christmas list

of course, I don't need any of these things and I won't receive them all, but gift giving is just another tradition we partake in.

  • fresh products (soy cleanser, vitamin nectar face mask, sugar face polish)
  • new airpods, since I misplaced my other ones
  • call me by your name vinyl
  • new better than sex mascara
  • new white russian lip gloss from buxom
  • some new books (my magical morning, glass castle, last seen)
  • probably more I am forgetting
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christmas day

I will wake up at my mother's house, first we open stockings (which always includes a new toothbrush), then presents, where my sister and I take turns opening them. when we've finished, we go to our dad's house, where our stepmother will make us breakfast while we again, take turns with our presents. we do stockings last. then we will eat.

that afternoon, my mother, my sister and I will get on a plane and fly to New York to visit family like we've done every year since I was 5.
the next day is my sister's birthday, and that night, my cousins will come over to my grandparent's house and we'll celebrate both Christmas and her birthday with presents and a formal family dinner.

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