i'll do a post for each member of bts bc they all inspire me in a different way


- member of bts -

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he's so cute bjhdshsjakisdd!
  • he's very hard-working & perfectionist.
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he works really hard to achieve his goals, and he pushes himself to do his best all the time.
as a very lazy person, it makes me want to do so; to work 15 more minutes, to run 1 more km, to push myself.
.so when i'm about to give up, i think about him.

  • he's the definition of kindness.
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he's a sunshine that is contagious.

he's honeslty so kind and pure, smiling all the time (i mean, ofc not all the time, but a lot).
i'm working on becoming kinder and trying to smile enjoy things more so it is very inspiring.

  • he's very caring.
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gsjchie it just love their friendship so much.

he's taking care of all the members so much, he's always making sure everyone is happy & good.
that's really important to me to be selfless and to bring love and kindness to others.

  • he's not perfect.
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that seems obvious but with ppl idolizing their favs i think it's important to remember that.

-he struggles wit self-esteem & self-love, he can be tough on himself and he talks about all his insecurities in his vlives & songs.
-it gives me hope to see someone i look up to saying that he struggles with self-love too, but in the mean time being hopeful & smiling. i find it important that idols don't only show the good sides, but show us that life's hard for everyone.
-so i'm thankful he talks about it with us.

so, i hope he'll be happy all his life and i thank him.
i hope that for you too.
take care, love you <3

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