Hello! A while ago I joined the #GoldenInsecurities project and thought I'd make an article on it today.

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" Nobody's perfect."

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You have most likely heard this. To me we use it so much that sometimes it loses it's meaning. You may not be perfect to society or the whole world. But I think that it is our insecurities that are perfect.

We spend so much time thinking that we need to be perfect. Maybe you hate your freckles. Let me just say that I can a hundred percent guarantee you that someone absolutely loves your freckles and finds them perfect.

Sometimes what we hate the most about ourselves is what someone else loves most about us. Maybe it is a physical or mental trait. There is always someone else who loves what you feel insecure about.

You may be clumsy or worry to much. You might want to change that. But if we all lived by society and its rules than we would all be the same. That would suck. Each and every one one of us is different. I think it is great to be authentic and true to yourself no matter what anyone else says. We were born how we are and that is for a reason.

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But once it is time you will learn that you don't need to change yourself in order to love yourself. You need to accept and overcome your insecurities. That doesn't mean that you'll never be insecure. You can be confident and have insecurities. Because being confident isn't running away from insecurities, it is looking it in the face and telling yourself that your flaws are perfect. Because they are. Where do you think you would be without them?

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Your insecurities and your flaws are perfect. They're golden.

" Don't frown someone else can be falling in love with your smile." Teen Wolf. That quote is just a silly quote from a television show. But it got me thinking and it is so true.

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Earlier I mentioned society. Society wants us to be this size zero, clear skinned, model with zero flaws, like pimples. Society pressures us into being something we aren't. I think we often forget that we are society.

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If we all, everyone one of us, stopped judging one another, acknowledged and accepted our flaws, and helped each other realize how perfect we each our than imagine what big of a change we will have made.

I know accepting our flaws and growing through our insecurities is a really hard thing to do. But remember that we all have each other's backs. Or at least someone has your back. I've got your back.

A slim girl doesn't have to hate a thick girl. That one is something we have yet to acknowledge. But I also know a lot of people who maybe aren't the smallest and go around saying they hate skinny girls. We all have to work on that.

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Two people will like each other for who they are regardless of sizes, acne problems, height, and everything.

I think all our flaws are perfect. And I think that we all are perfect. And that perfect is both a size zero and a size fourteen. Short or tall. Pimple or no pimple, "perfect" nose or not. Perfect isn't just one thing. Perfect is each and every one of us.

I used to hate myself for going up a size, I hate my jawline, ears, facial expressions, how I overthink everything. How clumsy I am. I even had insecurities about my personality. I thought that there was no way someone would like me for who I am. People would only compliment me on my hair. I was saying than you and complimenting the back but on the inside I was kind of sad. Had no one realized that my hair is the only part of me? Is the rest of me not good enough?

But I realized I am perfect not despite my insecurities but in spite of them. And I hope you do too.

P.S. Sorry for the rant. I hope I may of helped someone realize that they our perfect in their own way.

, xoxo Katherine