Name: Elvira Jones

Pirate Name:

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The Seaside Viper


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Her hair is short, dark brown and curly and she has piercing hazel colored eyes. Her cheek bones are high on her face and she has a big round nose. The skin of hers is olive colored and her body is strong and curvy.

Role On The Ship:

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Originally: Quartermaster, in later years: Captain


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She is determined and intelligent and is not afraid to tangle with men to prove her fierce womanhood. She never slays another human being unless she really has to and stays true to her morals. Her self-discipline is immensely big and she has overcome a lot of pain. When her life isn't threatened by the dangerous pirate life, she is funny and knows how to entertain her fellow shipmates with her witty humor.


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Elvira was born into the Jones family, one of the biggest pirate families ruling the seas. But she did not know this until her adult life. While the British revolution was ongoing, had her true parents feared her safety and they had to keep her above grounds. A few nurses had found little Elvira by the doorsteps of the royal family Fawcett. The queen, Elizabeth, wanted a baby so badly, but she and her husband Daulton could never seem to get one. They took her in with open arms. Elvira was raised with everything but still lusted after a life beyond the royalties that surrounded her. She began behaving recklessly when her parents put restrictions on her freedom. Freedom meant the most to her. She taught herself how to use a sword, just for the taste of thrill she was so endlessly craving. One day, had Elvira successfully sneaked out of the palace and roamed the halls of the town in disguise. As she strolled down to the shore had she been attacked by three pirates. She did what she had to do and fought them by using their own swords. Their captain had witnessed it all and approached Elvira. He offered her a position in his ship, and she took it. She couldn't face her parents, so she wrote them two separate letters of how much she loved them, but that the recklessness of a pirate's life was what her heart most desired and that she had to leave. The captain, Colton O'Malley or Sleazy Fangs as he was called by everyone else, mentored Elvira and made her the great pirate she soon became. After his murder, she dedicated her life to avenge the ones who took his life. The brits.


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Elvira is avidly interested in astrology and astronomy, knowing the foundation of our existence and presence, and why. Besides that, she loves sword fighting, reading and swimming.


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Being born and raised into a royal family has resulted in her wearing dresses and she finds it to be very comfortable and contributes that into her pirate life. The dress symbolizes her being proud to be a woman, and especially in a male-dominated profession. But she also loves wearing pants and will switch between the two and she uses the dress mostly in battles to provoke the men she's fighting.


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Elvira kept the ship that Sleazy Fangs originally owned; Steady Falcon but also later inherited her true parents ship; The Bloody Anne. Steady Falcon is made of light wood and has a falcon relief on the figurehead. Sleazy Fangs was rebellious and was the first and only pirate to build a ship with all black sails. The Bloody Anne is dark and made of mahogany wood and has golden features. The ship is one of the biggest rulers of the seas.


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Edward Dante, a non-pirate she met off the west coast of England. He worked as a fishermen and was familiar with the sea. There was bad tension between the two when they first met, since Edward despited pirates. But Elvira surprised him when she actually payed for the fish, rather than stealing it like all the other pirates. They met once a week and were very flirtatious at every meeting. Edward has tanned skin and wavy hair that falls wildly over his eyes. His body is firm and strong. His hands are big and veiny. Good bone structure and he has dark eyes to match his dark hair. He is a man who loves love and adores his woman every week they get to see each other. She respected his lifestyle and he respected hers.