Hi guys! I decided to make another article and today I´ll be writing about my fall favorites.


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Because of my oily skin, I become the biggest fan of the Fenty Beauty foundation.


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About a week ago I bought these. They´re called Disruptor, and they are from the brand Fila. I bought them in Vienna in Urban Outfitters.


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I´ve never been a big reader, but I´m trying because of my graduation exam and I think It´s a good way to relax. I read Krysař by Viktor Dyk, who is a Czech writer.


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I´ve always loved candles, but this fall I can´t do anything without having a burning candle next to me. I actually prefer scented wax over real candles, and I´m using the Yankee candle ones. I enjoyed the scent of Candy Corn and Forbidden apple the most, but it´s from the Halloween collection from last year.