Months from then, I sit here now. Tomorrow I go home, wondering how empty my days will be filled without you waiting for me. I was in love with you, deeply and now I'm wondering where did you go. Was it my fault because I didn't say anything back? Is anyone ever wondering what to answer to someone if all you feel is emptiness, like no words could ever discribe how you feel about such a question?

She ran away from me, she didn't make me feel like it was my fault. She just knew she couldn't make it with someone like me. But damn, how I miss her. With tears in my eyes I got to write you this because you was good for me.. we tried our best and even our best wasn't enough to stand tough.

I can write books about your eyes only.. how do I write one chapter about me? You life 2000 kilometers far of me. I can't just get a cab and visit you. All I feel is sadness coming home without you.

But I will stay strong, I promise you I will find someone else. Please don't feel sad for me, let me carry your tears. I can take care of my own tears but please, if I could make one wish.. will we talk again? Does it really have to hurt so much?

I am not trying to control you I just telling you that I had no choice loving you so much. But how in my position ever can I make you smile :(

Close your eyes, make a wish, maybe you know I wrote this for you.

I love you, very much. And I miss you, a little bit to much everyday.

I am sleepy, have a nice evening. <3