i don`t know if i can explain my crazy train of thoughts but i will try.
so i want to write about the illusion we know the people around us. I'm not even aware of it myself so please feel open to write me what you think about it.

imagine a friend of you, a family member, idk someone who is really close to you. you would say you know him/her. i say it cannot be so easy, like i say we do not know the people around us. a person is never one-sided. we do not know how they act if they would come in difficult situations.
in every situation we act differently. you are never the same to different persons. and i do not say that it is bad, maybe it sounds like this, but i do not think that it is bad. it is just the thing that we will never exactly know who the person is, who is next to us.
i give you an example may then you will understand my point:
there was a gorgeaus woman from africa who falls in love with an europeen. she left her family,her country, gave everything up for her love and moved to europe. she got children with her husband but then he betrayed her and kicked her out of his house, which was hers too. in europe she had not one friend, they were all his friends too. moreover he wanted to keep the children and had a new woman.
his wife was so hurt by him. with this pain you cannot stay the same person. and she did not stay the same person. a beautiful, lovely, friendly mother turns into an awful, revengeful person. to hurt her husband in the same way he hurt her, she kills her own children. yeah i know it is so terrible but noone before expected this from her. nobody can believe that it was the same person they thought they know, the mother of these children. but this situation she came in changed her so much. if i would be hurt like this, idk may i would turn in such a monster too.

certains situation can change you so much but i think the way you act in those situation counts. i want to know how people will react in those situations because then you really can know who s/he is.
but it is impossible to know how everybody reacts in situations he never been through. but i guess that if i would know, how some people i spend my time with, react in difficult situations, i would not be with them anymore.