I've been feeling nostalgic these past few days. I've been hit with the memories of my life up until this point. Walking down one of the isles, I decided to use my powers a bit. I usually just levitate, but for some reason the books decided to join me. I looked around and smiled. I still got it, I thought to myself.

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It reminded me of when I turned 16. I'd do this thing in my room where I'd use book as stairs. I remember my dad walked in once and looked so confused. It was the most fun I'd have in a while.

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I found a secret room that I didn't get to explore entirely, so I made my way there. It's impossible to walk to the other side because the walkway is not complete. I'm sure with a little magic that can be fixed, but I'm not sure if I want to bother Matilda to do that. It's colder in here than the rest of the school. I've never seen so many books before. I've also never seen a ceiling as high as this one. This school really is something else. I bet there's more I haven't discovered.

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Spencer's voice startled me out of my daydreams. ~ you on your way home from work yet? ~ Nope. I am not. I'm late. ~ i got held up. i'm about to leave now ~ I replied. I quickly walked out the secret room, hoping no one saw me. I went to the sixth floor and grabbed my belongings out of the mini locker. I got my car keys ready and I was on my drive home to my family.

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Spencer + Rhett

Spencer opened the door before I could put my key in to our front door. "Hello," I smiled. He was holding Rhett. "Bath time already? I'm really late today," I said. "You are. I made dinner. You can bathe Kinsley," he said. I kissed Rhett on the head and put my bag down while slipping off my shoes. Rhett giggled and gave me a huge smile. My boy.

I went up the steps to get Kinsley out of her room. "It's bath time, baby girl," I said, picking her up. She hugged my neck. I fixed up her bath and put her in. Kinsley is the best baby. She's always been. She doesn't even splash in the water.

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I was feeling tired. I yawned and got the towel ready. She stood up cautiously in the tub and I wrapped her in the towel and in my arms. I danced with her slowly around the bathroom. She nuzzled with me and the towel. "I love you, baby girl," I told her. I sometimes wish my life with my parents were different, but everything led me to this moment. I now have my own babies to be the best parent for.

I dressed her in pjs and we headed downstairs. Rhett and Spencer were on the couch watching tv. Kinsley crawled over to Spencer who picked her up. I sat down on the couch and got comfortable. Everything went black a few minutes later.

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