Hi Hearters !

I know, we're already at the end of week 7, why don't I just wait week 8 ? Or why didn't I post something earlier ? Well, I've been really busy. And I still wanted to write a "week 7" article.

Did I quit ?

Nope. And I won't.

I exercise 4 times a week, 5 if I don't go swimming. I have stopped to do yoga (except for the stretching at the end of the workout), I feel like I need something more dynamic.

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Did I notice any changes ?

Yes : first, my belly is flat. Like, really really flat. I've always been quite thin, but now I have an hourglass figure. Which annoys me a little bit to sleep, because I feel like my pelvis is pulled on the side (I don't know if it's clear. Let's just say that it's annoying).

But I really feel good with my body. I like it as it is now.

One routine or two routines ?

That's the big point of this article ! I actually have splitted my routine into two different routines, because I didn't have time nor energy to do a full 50-minutes routine everyday.

Therefore, I have now legs day, and torso day. Once a week, I exercise my whole body, but I really prefer to exercise only half of it.

On legs day

  • 7 minutes of exercise bike
  • 30 abs (just to not lose my progress)
  • 60 squats
  • the usual exercises with the elastic band (just to not lose it)
  • 30 "donkey kicks" (that's what I found online. Is it really the appropriate term ? i will post a picture)
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  • 20 push-ups on my knees (just to not lose it)
  • 40 bridges exercises
  • stretching

On torso day (with arms)

  • 4 minutes of exercise bike
  • 100 abs (yaaaaaaas)
  • 4 X 15 seconds of "prayers"
  • exercises with the elastic band
  • 40 push-ups
  • 2 X 5 times torso rotation
  • stretching

Here it is !

XOXO, Ems.