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In todays article I will talk about Why I like studying & reasons you should too, so sit back & enjoy!♡
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Wisdom is knowledge

Wisdom noun. the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement: the quality of being wise.

Wisdom is knowledge, wisdom is what gets you places in the world. Wisdom comes from the experiences you make & the experiences you gather for yourself. Wisdom is knowing how you study best, how you can achieve what you want & how you better yourself, without ruining yourself. A lot of people look down on wisdom, or simply don't think they have it, because they don't think they are "old" enough to have enough experiences. But even a 29 year old can take tips from a 14 year old, because your age doesn't define your wisdom. & your wisdom is unique, always expanding with every book you read, every class you attend & every experience you challenge & learn from.

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Knowledge is power

Knowledge noun. facts, information, and skills acquired through experiences or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

Knowledge is power, it helps you survive in all worlds. The real & fictional kinds. How often have you read a book & sworn at the main character for doing something stupid, & then they get surprised when it fails? But then they try what you first thought of & it works. See, even in books you are smart; but you are smart because of the books. Personally, I praise myself by being smart. I don't rub it in peoples faces or talk so much about it that everyone will ask me for help. I keep it to myself & only choose few people to know it; that makes me feel powerful. Because I have as much knowledge as the people surrounding me; it makes me feel equal. Just every time I am in class & I'm learning something new, I feel so much more prepared. I even feel like a better version of myself. Besides you can never have too much knowledge!

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Power is achievable

Power noun. the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way.

Power or feeling powerful, is different from person to person. My definition of power, may not be the same definition as yours. But hear me out: power is being able to be yourself. It is being able to silence people with one glare, because they do not dare challenge your knowledge. It is being able to support yourself & create your own happiness. But it is also being able to admit failure. It is being able to let people in & share your best/worst sides with them. It is being able to have both good & evil in you. Knowing when to be kind & when to be ruthless. Power for me always go hand in hand with knowledge & wisdom. They are a package deal; they support each other. But mastering one, does not mean you master all. You must practice, study, learn & grow with every single thing that happens to you. Power is achievable for everyone who dares grow, learn & be.

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So, these are just my point of views on why I like studying & reasons I think you should too!
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