Eye color:

blue, ocean, and sea image
sea blue

Hair color:

Temporarily removed
light brown,but at the end of the summer,mostly blond I don't like being blond so...

I painted it:

girl, hair, and beautiful image
chocolate brown,I love it

Favorite color:

Temporarily removed Image removed girl, beauty, and clothes image
wine-red and gray but i also quite like brown


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I have a bigger brother and I also have a little half-brother

Favorite animal:

giraffe, animal, and baby image cat, kitten, and cute image
I like almost all the animals but my big favorit wild animal has always been giraffe and my favorite house animal is cat

Favorite food:

food, waffles, and breakfast image

Spoken languages:

black nails, nails, and tumblr image love, quotes, and care image
my natiave language is hungary and i also speak english

I want to travel to:

paris, city, and travel image art, Barcelona, and colors image
Paris and Barcelona the most,but there are a lot place I'd travel


tattoo, forest, and tree image tattoo, breathe, and nails image
I want a tattoo someday,a little one I guess

Favorite TV shows:

Image removed tbbt, the big bang theory, and tv show image how i met your mother, himym, and barney image modern family image
Riverdale,The big bang theory,How I met your mother,Modern family


Temporarily removed
I'm sudent,as a chemist

Favorite season:

autumn, article, and fall image

Favorite holiday:

christmas, winter, and holiday image

Favorite singer:

demi lovato image beautiful, beauty, and billboard image
Demi Lovato,not just my favorit singer,but my favorit person

I want to be:

biology, chinese, and funny image
a biochemist

Thank you for reading this xxx