ok so one thing, i am just a wierd person who likes to help others clean and have a clean home, NOT a pro.
So this is my hopfully helpfull tips on clinging!

You can start on "two ends". The first one is to make your bed OR get all the stuff of the floor.
Bc thes areas are the biggest it makes the room instantly more clean.

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All the stuff i guess you just put somewhere from the last step.... put them on there right places. Like dirty chlothes in the washing machine, the clean chlothes in the wardrobe etc.

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If you have a desk of some sort, get all of the unnassesery stuff of and clean it with a wet dishcloth. Do this with the other areas, like the night stans, shelfs etc.

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The wardrobe... clean out old or unused clothes! Not just tops and pants but socks and undies as well. Why not do the jackets while you´r at it?

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Vacuum, mop and clean window and mirrors.

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Now take a paus take in how clean it is and go shopping bc you may have room for more now.

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