• Full Name: Nina Samantha Padilla
  • NIckname(s): Nine
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: August 23
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Ethnicity: She is half human & half Elf. She is American & Mexican.
  • Hometown: The State of The Elves.


  • Hair
hair, blue, and aesthetic image hair, blue, and hairstyle image hair, girl, and blue image hair, blue, and style image
She has got light blue hair. Naturaly, her hair is black.
  • Eyes
eyes, eye, and blue image makeup, eyes, and beauty image
She got blue eyes.
  • Face & Body
Image removed Image by - alternative, girls, and body image dark, makeup, and cute image
She is a latina girl. She got a tanned body full with a lot of tattoos.


  • Everyday
fashion, outfit, and style image Image by || GHADIR || fashion, purple, and outfit image fashion, girl, and style image
She likes classy outfit & really tumblr outfits.
  • At School
clothes, girl, and handbag image Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and vogue image shoes, fashion, and aesthetic image
A yellow skirt because she is in the Light section, a white shirt as all of The Elfs, a black jacket & transparent boots.
  • For Ball
dress, fashion, and yellow image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by Lamis
A yellow dress & blue heels.
  • For Events
fashion, clothes, and outfit image fashion, gucci, and yellow image celine, chanel, and sassy image fashion, style, and yellow image
sexy yellow outfits.


  • Everyday
brown, make up, and Nude image accessoires, beauty, and fashion image
  • At School
yellow, makeup, and aesthetic image lipstick, makeup, and maquillage image
  • For Ball
makeup, eye, and beauty image Image by ❤👹😈AmiBrown😈👹❤
  • For Events
smokey eyes and makeup image goth, archive, and black image


all too well image yellow, aesthetic, and quotes image quotes, red, and yellow image aesthetic, poem, and quetos image
She is very honest & trong. She is a heart breaker. She is a lazy girl but she is very clever.


  • Music
drums image aesthetic, drum, and lq image
She plays drums.
  • Sport(s)
themes, rp, and filtered image celebrity, fashion, and outfit image
She loves sports. She does basketball & boxe.
  • Other
Temporarily removed 80s, retro, and aesthetic image
She likes roller skate.


Image by tenderlygirl black, color, and colorful image aesthetic, peach, and sport image fiori, flowers, and sun image
The Fairies, partying, sports & the Sun.


witch, Halloween, and sign image mermaid image Image by Manuela cigarette, smoke, and blue image
The Witches & The Mermaids, Water & smoking.

Favorite Color(s)

amarillo, background, and wallpapers image

Significant Other

Image by K A R I N A
Dimitri, he is a student in The Elves section.

Old Halloween Costumes

makeup, Halloween, and girl image maggie lindemann and Halloween image


castle, courtyard, and harry potter image dress, yellow, and fashion image
She studies in the Wizards School. She is the representative of The Light from The Elves section.


hands, light, and magic image Image removed magic, stars, and hands image Temporarily removed
She can controls light. She also has the same powers as all of The Elves.


animal, cute, and bunny image
Her rabbit, Panpan.

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