So, let's start:

demon, imagine dragons, and Lyrics image demon, imagine dragons, and fate image
When the lights fade out all the sinners crawl.
music image Lyrics, natural, and imagine dragons image
Nothing ever comes without a consequence or cost.
grunge, dark, and people image beautiful, train, and travel image
Let me show you what it's like to always feel.
Whatever It Takes
fear, girl, and inspiration image evolve, grunge, and Lyrics image
Everybody's praying for the end of times. Everybody hoping they could be the one.
black, black & white, and Dream image Dream, Lyrics, and song image
I know all your reasons to keep me from seeing everything is actually a mess.
I'm So Sorry
grunge, black, and quote image band, black and white, and Lyrics image
A son of a stepfather.
Smoke And Mirrors
imagine dragons image blue, grunge, and night image
This is my word. Dream maker, life taker.
2016, atmosphere, and band image aesthetic, black, and white image
I can't stand here on my own. If I'm going to live then I have to go. I'm danger.
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I know it's gotta go like this, I know.

Thank you!