Before you I did not understand this sentence

Sometimes I regret,
I regret to have open my eyes on you, to know the Truth :
You don't care about me as much I care about you
I hate you for that
I hate you as much I love you

When you were honest about your feelings I feel hurt
When I get hurt I attack
I attack to hurt you as much you hurt me.
It's kind of protection.

I act like an actress and a strong women

I act like your words never hurt me

I act like I am not a girl that do not attach easily
I act like I nerver had feelings about you, I do not care about you and tell you that
You don't know me, the real me even after all our conversation

I hurt you with my words

Because I Don't want to be alone in my pain

Because it's my only weapon
Because I hope that your suffering will make you realize that you are wrong about me and you care about me.

Thanks for reading!

With love,


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