To the boy i’m in love with:

I remember catching you staring at me. It was like you looked right through my surface, and deep down into my soul. Almost like you remembered me from an earlier life.
As soon as I caught your eyes at me, you kept the eye contact, but I looked away. I regret that, I want to feel the thrill of you looking right into my soul.
But I was afraid. I was afraid that you didn’t think the same of me, as I think of you.
I guess I’m afraid of someone loving me. Maybe I’m afraid of someone loving me, like I love them.
I always regret not keeping the eye contact and not showing you that I like you, but I’m just so scared that you don’t like me back.

To the boy who I caught staring at me, like I was the only one in the room.
Remember when you stood at the top of the stairs, and I was walking down. You stood there, and just looked at me, and even though I was already smiling, then my smile became bigger and more genuine when I saw you.

I remembered how I was walking across the street from where you were walking. I was smiling because I saw you. I tried to hide it as good as I could, but I quickly failed and looked away from you. When I turned to look at you again you were walking with your head down, but a slight smile crept up on your face. I could see how you tried to hide it as well.
I don’t know if you smiled at me, but I can tell you that I smiled at you.

Do you remember that time when we were out walking, and you stood with your friends and I stood with mine. Do you remember when you looked up at me, and your look was so pure and innocent. I remember it like it was yesterday. I wish it still was yesterday. I wish I could replay all these moments. I wish I could replay them in black and white. In slow motion.
I wish I’m yours and you’re mine.
But all I can do, is say that I like you.
That I purple you.