Hey everybody!
I'm back with my 3rd one.

Make a list of Five Places You want to visit

  • Paris
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I really want to visit Paris since I was just a child. The whole atmosphere of the city just gives me chills only seeing it on pictures. I started to learn the language because of it 3 years ago, in High School too. So, yeah...It is a big dream of mine to go there.
  • Los Angeles:
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It looks such a beautiful city! I don't know a lot about the city, but If I had the chance to go there,I'd go without a question.
  • Rome
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Weird, but my Grandma was here last year, and she said that it was an amazing city. The history is everywhere and the people are kind but have their temperature, to be honest. I heard mixed things, but I think in general it would make an unforgettable experience to go here.
  • French Rivera:
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As I mentioned it before, my number one dream is to visit Paris. And plus I have never swum in the sea, so I'd really want to go the French Rivera to Kill two birds with one stone.
  • Amsterdam:
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Just look at the pictures! What a gorgeous city! I'd surely want to visit it at least once in my lifetime. And not because of drugs and stuff like that(because I think Amsterdam has that wrong impression), but because I want to visit for instance the Anne Frank House.

That was all I wanted to say today.