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Yesterday I earned The 50k Followers Trophy here at WHI. I feel really proud and Thankfull for getting so many new follows this year since I'm a Heartist.
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I start be on WHI in 2014. I start Using WHI for inspiration and safe pictures in Collection! Most of the time anime/manga and Relatable/quotes! I never thought to get 50K followers some day. I just had/have WHI for the fun!
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I remember in 2016 I found out about the Heartist badge at peoples profile! Since than I was love to became one myself! I'm still so proud of becoming a Heartist of 2017. When I get the notification from the WHI app at my phone I made a printscreen to make sure I was not dreaming! I still have it on my phone haha! So to all the people out there how like to become a heartist just keep using WHI Alot and get inspiration and have fun! I work out for me!
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Before I became a heartist I only had around 8K followers. I been really active on WHI since I'm become a Heartist. I been online everyday since The first of January 2018. I post alot of new pictures, Made some new collections and make some article!
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I really happy to get 50k Followers!. Thank you to all the people who follow me!